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Course OneThe New Life in Christ

  1. What is God Like?
  2. How Sin Came Into the World
  3. Man’s Problems and God’s Solution
  4. Is Jesus Christ Really God?
  5. The Death of Jesus Christ
  6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  7. What Must I do to be Saved? Part 1
  8. What Must I do to be Saved? Part 2
  9. How Can I Know that I am Saved?
  10. The Way of Victory
  11. Jesus Christ Is Coming Again!
  12. Four Things God Wants You to Know

Course TwoThe New Life in Christ

  1. Jesus Christ – The Promised Savior
  2. Jesus Christ – The Mighty God
  3. Jesus Christ – The Great Teacher
  4. Jesus Christ – The Lamb of God
  5. Jesus Christ – The Risen Lord
  6. Jesus Christ – Lord of All
  7. Jesus Christ – Our Intercessor
  8. Jesus Christ – Our Righteousness
  9. Jesus Christ – Our All in All
  10. Jesus Christ – Our Life
  11. Jesus Christ – Our Coming King
  12. Jesus Christ – Our King Forever

Course ThreeThe New Life In Christ

  1. Creation
  2. Creation of Man
  3. Satan
  4. The Fall of Man
  5. In Adam
  6. God’s 2nd Man
  7. The New Birth
  8. In Christ
  9. A New Relationship
  10. A New Kingdom
  11. A New Master
  12. A New Power
  13. Love Not the World
  14. Victory Over Satan
  15. How to Live the Christian Life
  16. Consecration
  17. One Body in Christ
  18. The Local Church
  19. The Great Commission
  20. Approved Unto God
  21. Leading Souls to Christ
  22. Prayer and Warfare
  23. How to Overcome Temptation
  24. Victory in Christ
  25. Jesus Is Coming Soon

Course FourThe New Life in Christ

  1. Facts, Faith, Feelings
  2. How to Be Sure You Are Saved
  3. The Best Choice
  4. Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority
  5. Learning to Accept Myself
  6. Why Isn’t Christ Real to Me?
  7. Gaining a Clear Conscience (Part 1)
  8. Gaining a Clear Conscience (Part 2)
  9. God’s Discipline
  10. God’s Authority
  11. God’s Delegated Authority
  12. God’s Chastening
  13. Understanding Our Deepest Needs (Part 1)
  14. Understanding Our Deepest Needs (Part 2)
  15. Learning to be Content
  16. Dealing with Anger
  17. Reaction and Resentment
  18. Turning From Bitterness to Forgiveness
  19. Building Right Relationships (Part 1)
  20. Building Right Relationships (Part 2)
  21. Love One Another
  22. Managing Our Finances
  23. God’s Guidelines for Giving
  24. The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

A Country Called Heaven

  1. The Five Steps (God’s plan of salvation)
  2. What Is God Like?
  3. The Way of Victory
  4. The Word of God
  5. When Jesus Comes
  6. Salvation and Rewards (the difference)
  7. Four Things God Wants You To Know
  8. My Great Savior
  9. A New Family
  10. A New Person In Christ
  11. Christ Is My Righteousness
  12. Christ Lives In Me
  13. I Am a Son of God
  14. Victory Over Circumstances
  15. How To Enjoy God

Basic Bible Truths

  1. Repentance – Called Unto Repentance
  2. Faith – The Evidence of Things Not Seen
  3. Regeneration – Created in His Image
  4. Justification – Accepted in the Beloved
  5. Adoption – Sons Not Servants
  6. Prayer – Master Secrets of Prayer
  7. Sanctification – Called unto Holiness
  8. Glorification – Unto His Eternal Glory
God’s Great Salvation
  1. God’s First Man
  2. God’s Second Man
  3. The Death of the God-man
  4. God’s Mighty Victory
  5. God’s New Creation
  6. God’s Called-Out Assembly
  7. Sanctified in Christ Jesus
  8. Forgiven Forever!
  9. Justified Freely by His Grace
  10. Made Righteous in Christ
  11. Sonship
  12. God’s New Covenant
  13. God’s Great Plan
  14. God’s Blessed Hope
  15. How to Enjoy God (Part 1)
  16. How to Enjoy God (Part 2)
Explorers 1
  1. What is God Like? (part one)
  2. What is God Like? (part two)
  3. Where Did We Come From?
  4. Who Is Our Enemy?
  5. Who Is The Promised Savior?
  6. Jesus Rose From The Dead
  7. Four Questions
  8. I Can Become A Child Of God
  9. Jesus Is Coming Again
  10. Four Things God Wants Me To Know
Explorers 2
  1. Jesus Wants Me to Know that I Belong to Him
  2. Jesus Wants Me to Grow More Like Him
  3. Jesus Wants Me to Love Him
  4. Jesus Wants Me to Obey Him
  5. Jesus Wants Me To Talk To Him
  6. Jesus Wants Me To Have Victory In Him
  7. Jesus Wants Me To Help Others To Know Him
Winners—Course A
  1. What Is God Like?
  2. God Created All Things
  3. How Sin Came Into The World
  4. Jesus Died For Our Sins
  5. Jesus Rose From The Grave
  6. Why We Need A Savior
  7. How To Become A Child Of God
  8. Five Wonderful Things
Winners—Course B
  1. Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right
  2. What Are You Worth?
  3. Learning To Accept Myself
  4. Learning To Obey
  5. Obeying God’s Delegated Authorities
  6. Listen To Your Conscience
  7. Obey Your Conscience

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Read Testimonies from people who have benefited from these courses.

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