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Additional Verse Packs
Each verse pack has several pages of explanation and instruction on Scripture memory followed by 12 to 27 Scripture verses or passages on the given topic.

Victory Over Temptation
Victory Over Worry
Salvation and Assurance
The Word of God and Prayer
The Successful Christian Life
The Holy Spirit and Victory
Promises Part I
Promises Part II
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Price: $3.00
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Price: $3.00
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Each of these small books contain 27 verse cards with a personal application for each verse.     How To Memorize Scripture


  • How to Change into the Ideal Husband -- These 27 passages will enable you to better love, lead, and communicate with your wife.
  • How to Change into the Ideal Wife -- If you memorize and apply these 27 passages, you will be an ideal wife from God's point of view. You and your husband will be pleased.
  • How to Rear Children -- These verses teach God's plan for successfully rearing children.

Scriptural Success in Family Matters

This 41 page book contains 15 detailed outlines on marriage and family living. This is especially helpful to a pastor or S.S. teacher who wants to give a series of messages on the home. It covers the husband, the wife, how to rear children, sex, and success with money.

You can greatly improve your marriage by studying and applying this information.

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