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Table of Contents

How To Successfully Memorize and Review Scripture
by Evangelist Ron Hood

Introduction:  The Problems that Create the Need for Scripture Memorization

Chapter One:  What the Bible Teaches Concerning Scripture Memorization
  1. What it Teaches by Command
  2. What it Teaches by Implication
  3. What it Teaches by Example
Chapter Two:  How To Memorize Scripture (a simple method that has worked for thousands of people)
  1. How the Method Developed
  2. Making Up Your Mind to Do It
  3. Selecting Your Own Verses
  4. The Importance of Cards
  5. Principles of Memorization
  6. The Method Explained
  7. The Time Involved in Using this Method
  8. The Best Time to Do It
  9. The Importance of Review
  10. Using the Verses You Have Memorized
Chapter Three:  Why Some Do Not Memorize Scripture
  1. Excuses
  2. Real Reasons
Chapter Four:  Why We Should Memorize Scripture--
The Results and Rewards of Scripture Memorization
  1. Memorized Scripture Leads to Loving Obedience To God and His Word
  2. It Helps Us Teach Our Children
  3. It Causes Us to Prosper and Be a Success for God
  4. It Brings Great Happiness and Joy
  5. It Enables Us to Meditate upon the Word Day and Night
  6. It Produces a Vibrant, Stable, Consistent Life
  7. It Produces a Fruitful Life
  8. It Converts the Soul
  9. It Gives Great Wisdom
  10. It Gives Great Guidance
  11. It Gives Victory Over Sin, Satan, and Temptation
  12. It Gives Comfort in Times of Affliction
  13. It Gives a Better Understanding of the Word and Results in Sp[iritual Growth
  14. It Gives Victory Over Evel Thoughts
  15. It Gives Great Peace and Victory Over Worry
  16. It Results in a Longer Life
  17. It Gives Sweet Sleep
  18. It Keeps Us From Evil Men and Women
  19. It Can Never Be Taken Away from Us
  20. It Protects Us from Error
  21. It Is an Investment in That Which Is Eternal
  22. It Makes the Word Available for The Holy Spirit to Call to Your Attention Whenever It Is Needed
  23. It Greatly Aids Our Prayer Life
  24. It Increases One’s Teaching and Preaching Ministry
  25. It Equips Us for Effective Witnessing and Counseling

Chapter Five:  Problems Faced by Those Who Faithfully Memorize Scripture

A.     Proper Motivation
B.     A Wandering Mind – A Lack of Concentration
C.     Unable to Retain References
D.     Failing to Review Weekly and Monthly Review
E.      Loss of Interest – Wanting to Quit
F.      Discouraged but Not Wanting to Quit


A.     The Reasons for This Course Being in Both Written and Recorded Form
B.     How to Get the Most Out of This Course
C.     Prepare to Be Used by God
D.     Is It Really Worth the Time It Requires?

A List of 108 Scripture Verses Every Christian Should Memorize


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